Originated in the Netherlands...

PRISMA-RT was initially established in 2008 in the Netherlands, as a cooperation of Dutch Radiotherapy organizations, and was co-initiated by Petra Reijnders from the MAASTRO clinic (Maastricht). By means of a national database system and with the PRISMA method, these Radiotherapy departments were able to collect (near) incident reports digitally, analyze incidents and report these analyses from individual databases to a central benchmark module. The primary objective was to improve processes and increase patient safety within radiotherapy by comparing the root causes of incidents. By adding context variables to the root causes and transferring these data from an individual to a national database, benchmarking at a national level became possible.
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The main objective of this collaboration effort is to compare quality processes for radiotherapy, and increase the quality and safety levels for patients.

Learning from each other will help us to do exactly that!
... and now fully established in Belgium

Stemming from this initiative, a similar Belgian safety network – PRISMA-RT.be - has been developed. The network benchmarks incident analyses from 25 of the 25 Belgian radiotherapy organizations. Because of the usefulness of the PRISMA methodology to systematically generate both qualitative and quantitative information and the overall availability of PRISMA-RT around the world (by means of the availability of the Clinical Risk Management System from The Patient Safety Company), several radiotherapy organizations in foreign countries have expressed their intention and willingness to set up PRISMA-RT in their own country. PRISMA-RT EU is in development, perhaps PRISMA-RT W(orld) W(ide) will be the reality within now and several years.